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Precisely track, locate and protect your buoys and gear.

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Precisely track, locate and protect your buoys and gear using em-trak's BUOY-Tracker. Designed for continuous use and powered by its own internal battery, this market-leading AIS transponder will operate continuously for five days between charges and integrate seamlessly with your existing onboard navigational display.

NOTE: in order to operate BUOY-Tracker, you will require a bracket and a charger. Prior to use BUOY-Tracker must be programmed and you will need a Programming Dock to perform this exercise. The Programming Dock can be used to program multiple BUOY-Trackers and also acts as a charger. BUOY-Tracker is used globally in different applications and em-traks accessories allow you to create your own combination of BUOY-Trackers, chargers and brackets suitable for your own individual requirements.

  • Globally certified Type 1 AIS Aids to Navigation Transponder
  • Simple to configure and use – automatically switches on when fixed in bracket to buoy
  • Precise location and identity of buoy displayed on your existing navigation chart display in real time using AIS
  • 120 hour operational life between charges – internal battery recharges with supplied charging dock in 5 hours
  • IPx8 ruggedized for continuous long term operation at sea in even the harshest of weather

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