Comar Systems RECEIVER: SLR350Ni

Network AIS Receiver for Coastal Monitoring Applications.

Please note that all MT branded SLR350Ni units (non-OEM) are pre-programmed to also send their data to MarineTraffic by default.

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Specifically designed for coastal monitoring of AIS-equipped vessels, SLR-350Ni is a new take on traditional AIS receivers amping up the functionality of the successful Comar SLR-350N

This compact dual-channel synthesised VHF receiver, is based on the Raspberry Pi 3 mini computer. With built-in Ethernet, WiFi and USB interfaces, it can be connected to any wired or wireless network and start streaming data to up to five user-defined destinations excluding the reserved MarineTraffic data stream.

The unit is capable of receiving and decoding all AIS transmissions from vessels fitted with Class A or Class B AIS transceivers, Aids to Navigation, and SART. Using compatible software, AIS data transmitted from ships within range can be displayed on the screen giving a visual representation of all traffic within VHF range. The web UI of the receiver also enables local plotting.

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Weight 600 g
Color Black
Manufacturer Comar Systems

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