AIS transceivers allow you to receive AIS transmissions from other vessels while at the same time they transmit your own ship position for others to see. The units are characterised by their performance as Class A or B.
  • Product code : 425-0012

    em-trak : AIS A200 Class A Transceiver

    The ultimate SOLAS and inland waterway AIS Class A transceiver. IP67 water & weather proof with full integrated hi-res colour display supporting a wide range of functionality including Electronic Chart Navigation and AIS target management. Learn More

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  • Product code : 427-0003

    em-trak : AIS B400 Class B Transceiver

    Fully certified, feature rich, water & weather proof, AIS Class B transceiver with increased range and reporting frequency (2.5x the transmit power of standard Class B). The ultimate Class B ideal for offshore sailors and commercial mariners who demand the highest levels of reliability, performance and functionality. With integrated WiFi. Learn More

  • Product code : 418-0067

    em-trak : BT100 BUOY-Tracker

    Precisely track, locate and protect your buoys and gear. Learn More

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